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The example you used for girly re-spellings was replacing the letter "i" with "y." Then you suggest that adding a "y" to Xombi would make it more masculine. Congo rules.

Well, half the crazy stuff is actually recapping the crazy stuff that happened in the old Xombi series. The character has a whole bunch of history, not sure if his status as a resurrectee (har) was made clear?

And what's wrong with Nyna? Nine-ah!

"I can't say that I've ever heard of any story exactly like this one before."

Not that there'd be any reason for you to know this, but most of the comic is incredibly derivative of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol from the '80s. Right down to the phrasings of the "mysterious circumstances" and the whimsical, offbeat nature of the supporting characters. ("She ate some bad shrimp, and got super powers," etc.)

"It seems forced to me, but I guess things can still be crazy, even if they're fake."

I completely agree that it feels forced, particularly since they are trying really hard to imitate a specific predecessor, and John Rozum is probably not as legitimately mental as Morrison.


you forgot neen's beans

luve the artwork, did u do it?

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