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Looking at that cover, I think you're being prompted to hate it.

Your husband made you read it as part of his ongoing crusade against Rick Remender.

"Gas Lamping My Wife" has a ring to it.

The new Jack O' Lantern has the most overwritten dialogue of any character I've ever read.

"High school bully turned war hero, Flash Thompson has always been brave." That really is a weird sentence. It implies that high school bullies are brave. If he's always been brave AND he was a high school bully, then he therefore must have been brave contemporaneous with being a high school bully.

Which... what??? "Nothing says bravery more than a teenage boy burying his homosexual panic under terrorizing weaker, more sensitive children!" My favorite chapter in Profiles in Courage concerned wedgies. I thought Biff Tanner was the bravest character in Back to the Future-- when he tries to rape Lea Thompson, that's like the Iwo Jima statue of 80's science-fantasy movies. Marvel should do a comic about that lady who used Myspace to make a teenage girl kill herself-- Myspace Suicide Mom was the Wolverine of the 00's, if you think about it...

So, I haven't read the comic or anything, but I think that's a bad sentence.

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