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"A fan of being boring in that way that all perpetually single weaklings are" is one of the meanest, truest things I think I've ever read on this column.

The Walking Dead has no plot, the X-men currently has no point, Brightest Day never had one, the Ultimate U is best used to take obvious character jokes to their logical conclusions, pseudo-indie hits spawn pseudo-indie knock-offs, Vertigo can no longer knock off itself even less the talent it still attracts, Jonah Hex is kinda like Wolverine only in the Old West only Wolverine could already do that too?

"...there's something vaguely interesting about a comic where a corporate guy's favorite hobby horses team up to kill Swamp Thing, which is one of those rare characters whose very name conjures up the memory of intelligent comics created by talented risk-takers in an environment where creative freedom was actually permissible."

This bit was quite clever.

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