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This was great.

Tu eres muy gilipollas, ¿verdad?

That's... that's impressive.

And by that I mean both the post and the ice penis.

Funny stuff and every word true.

Seriously, "F*ck you, Alan moore!" is just the gift that keeps giving. I quite like Aaron's work but, c'mon. "F*ck! you!, Alan!! Moore!!!" Makes me laugh every time all the time. Berk.

Didn't Bil Paxton also go up against Powers Boothe? And that was Powers Boothe in a sombrero if I recall correctly. You were too easy on that comic.

That panel (Guess! Go on!) is a mind boggler isn't it. I...yeah. No.

All your words were good as ever as indeed was the order you chose to put them in but the best word this week was "jackanapes".

Sadly, I will lay even money that in 24 issues aborted Invicibaby comes back as part of the government's robot zombie Invincible brigade.

The Green Lantern frost dick is impressive, but... is Tony Stark fellating that bottle? Is there some sort of explanation in the story for why he's drinking like that?

In all my years of drinking (from bottles), I've never done that.

That's Tony when he was still an active alcoholic, so I'd bet it's drawn that way to represent how important sweet, sweet booze was to him at the time.

That said, I don't think I'd ever been able to describe any bottle of alcohol as having "really put it to me" while I was drinking it.

Are those Iron Man panels supposed to look like scratchboard? I think I'd like Fraction's Iron Man (Heresy, I know) a whole lot more if Larroca was simply not involved. Everything he draws looks like it's made of glossy Play-Doh.

What, you gone to con lately?

I used to drink water like that, when I was a kid. Made my mom mad, got water on my chin and shirt.

get this party started

I still can't figure out who let Larocca draw things besides Chris Claremont comics, which are basically his God-given niche in life.

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