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I remember producing a promo for documentary about Kirk Douglas for HBO, and he said that "Lonely Are the Brave" was his favorite film he starred in. It's excellent.

And if you like pre-Odd Couple Matthau, I've enjoyed Charade and Fail Safe.

Yeah, Charade/Fail Safe kick ass. Hopscotch though--oh man. You see that one? Him versus Ned Beatty? That's one for the time capsule.

With Source Code, I kept thinking it was really lucky that Sean Fentress was white, because otherwise the movie might have had to be about something, which would obviously have ruined everything.

I don't know-- the fact that Sean Fentress's soul got obliterated by Bubble Boy was one of the more interesting things about what was otherwise a really mediocre movie. It's kind of only acceptable if you don't believe there's any such thing as a soul to begin with. Otherwise, he just stole some guy's life-- like, if that guy has parents, he's going to have fake loving them, which... is the movie I'd rather have seen...

I was more confused why he took Michelle Monaghan on a first date to that big mirror thing in Chicago. Isn't that just some tourist thing? Do people in Chicago just normally go to that, for romance? "I want to take you to the Sears Tower, girl, and then a nightcap at Shedd Aquarium." That might get a 15-year old to second base, but those characters seem a little old to be that impressed by the big mirror thing.

Also: if they're both teachers, and they just decided to take the day off-- for no reason since the girl is oblivious to the near-bombing-- was there just a school full of unsupervised children wondering what the hell is going on somewhere off-screen?

Is that the only movie Edward Abbey has ever written? Even if not I have to get on that shit pronto-"The Monkey Wrench Gang" is one of my favorite books.

I'm not totally confident, but I believe this is the only movie based off of one of his books.

There was also a Fire on the Mountain TV-movie made in 1981... But that would be it.

Also, the people in that Michael picture are very, very pretty. Who are they? I've found zero pictures of the actors involved...

Yeah, the Bean is pretty much just a tourist thing. It's a cool thing to check out, but not exactly a romantic night-spot. I haven't seen the movie; I'll have to watch it just to spot the Chicago sights. The Chicago version of the AV Club had a neat article where they nitpicked the accuracy of the train routes and other local details. That's fun, at least for those of us outside of New York or LA, where that sort of thing is probably pretty tiresome by now.

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