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Ayo, but before you take me to court and all that, I would like it noted as a matter of intercontinental judicial record that I spent some time exegising the (not too difficult imo) concept of CotW to Flouncing Brian Wood, so - jokes? I get those.

Yrs in enmity,

I don't know what an "invitation comic" is. Is that a thing you send to people at nerd weddings?

I like Grant Morrison when he isn't writing stuff that sucks, with artists that also suck. And when he isn't trying to do the "I SEE YOU" page from Animal Man over and over again.

The interview with Geoff Broseph Johns is my favorite post ever.

I cannot believe that questionnaire. I can't. I know folks can do clever things with technology now...it's not real is it? If it is I have no recourse but to apologise on the behalf of every man, woman and child from the'70s. We just didn't know. We just..no one...why did no one tell us! I hate you, Superman! Hate you!

There is no truth in the rumour that that guy who writes AVENGERS makes his TV wear a dress and calls it "Mandy". No truth.

I'm looking for a few good men and women. I'm thinking six, tops. We go in fast and hard and we get Chaykin the Hell out of there and hide him in the Fantagraphics basement. So anyone who can mix a Mai-Tai or ballroom dance? Put an ad in the usual place. I'll be in touch.

"It was a different time. It was a racist time." Oh, I hooted like a chimp this week.


Oh it's real, and there's a page two. Wade into this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/82666582@N00/sets/72157626797890824/with/5755588053/

Cheers, I'm going to be laughing at this thing all night.

Q1) Was the answer "From a friend (or an enemy)" for Our Boys in The 'Nam? Fact: The Ho Chi Minh Trail was littered with well thumbed copies of Adventure Comics. We had proper comics distribution back then!

Q9) "Bubblegum Music"?? Don't look at me, pal?

That fella in the top left of page 2 looks not right in the head, Green Arrow looks like Benjamin Marra drew him and we should thank our lucky stars we can't see the rest of him or what he's up to and Sgt Rock is so off model even he looks guilty about it.

Seriously, at first I was concerned about all that sensitive personal information being sent in by children to a large corporation but then I saw Batman said it was a "Private Census". That's set my mind right at ease.

(I bet you needed a horse and cart to shift that "portable TV Set" too.)

Thanks again, sir!

Comics have helped me in [history or current events]. How else would I have learned of the Great War of the Blob Thing that was Dropped On That Place Where Nightwing Lived That One Time?

Even if you did hate everything, who cares? Your opinion of comics isn't some kind of anti-life that negates the enjoyment others have. I mean I often disagree with you, but I don't sit at home, crying and stewing about how THERE'S A DUDE ONLINE WHO CRITIQUES COMICS I LIKE. I don't get it.

It doesn't stop there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24764730@N07/4416347908

If somebody circled "dislike" for everything and answered no to the questions, what happened? Did DC offer them an editorial position?

I certainly prefer circling little frowny faces to gauge my discontent with Black People and Alligators.

"'Remember when a lot more of you bought this comic' is, as they go, a pretty decent way to get people saying 'yes' and Dale Carnegie always said that first yes is where the sale begins."

This applies so often I won't forget it.

and Jesus, late hit on Chee there.

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