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So who did color that page? There's three colorists listed there.

“Aieee! Darkee!” Have they TPB’ed DARKIE’S MOB then? Smashing news, I loved that when I was a kid although I didn’t realise how great Mike Western was at the time. Kids eat up that Savage Burmese Battle Action! If you do get a collection of DARKIE’S MOB (“Aieee! Darkeee!”) that may be two things John Wagner has done you’ll like.

Wait! The Last American (Wagner, Grant & Mike “Mighty” McMahon)? Listen: Strontium Dog! You don’t like Strontium Dog? Oh, my poor heartses!

Cheers for the fine words!

My problem with the last issue of the Boys was that it was *such* an info dump, that I lost interest.

I set it aside, read it again, and realized I *still* didn't get the point of the issue. Maybe my comprehension is dulling as I get older.

Can somebody summarize what the salient points were?

Thank god I'm not the only person who finds Brown's non-Louis Riel comics to be precious.

If all the books Drawn & Quarterly wants us to read have to offer is Brown visiting hookers and Joe Matt jerking off, they can fuck right off.


Meanwhile we still haven't gotten a cap to the ED THE HAPPY CLOWN reprint series from 2006, which stalled prior to the final issue. Or a conclusion to UNDERWATER, which *I* felt was Brown's best work to date, but he was of course embarrassed or uncomfortable or maybe just bored with...
And then there's those Gospels of his, which I'd rather have on my shelf than Robert Crumb's Genesis any day.

Still, ED's the one that stings me. I find it stupefying to consider that the artist has maintained a mental block re: the finale for twenty years. From the backmatter of ETHC #8 (of 9)--

"In the note for pps. 175-84, I mentioned that 'None of the Ed material from YF #s 13-14 will be published in this reprint series.' Also not being reprinted are a few pages from YF #17 and the YF version of Ed's ending in #18. I remember.... buying a book of Crumb's Fritz The Cat stories and being unhappy that the book did not contain -all- of the Fritz stories. I'm sorry to do a similar thing to my readers, but I have reasons for not wanting to reprint that stuff, which I'll explain in next issue's notes-section."

--which of course never materialized. What the christ, Chas. He's had more do-overs with ED than PeePee's pitched for THB. It was never going to be perfect, and why should it? It was a first novel. The raggedy edges of ED's dreamspace were what made it unnerving, the way the whole could never quite justify itself TO itself. That's what makes it hang in the mind.

It's lovely that the man has such a scrupulous conscience regarding the quality & cohesion of his work, but at what cost? At some point it's going to become an impediment to his ability to earn a living.

What, Portal 2 took an actual amount of time for you to finish? Oh, holed up. I see what you did there.

Has Tucker ever reviewed any of Battle Angel Alita? For some reason I always thought he could really enjoy its basic charms.

Jacob-there's no real way to tell, and I don't think those credits are even trustworthy. Big Two coloring has gotten notoriously "who knows" in the past few years. As far as I'm concerned, it's a treasure hunt, and the clues are who gets named in the credits box.

John UK: Darkie's Mob, from what I've seen, is totally up my alley. The Last American and Strontium Dog are two I haven't read, so I'll keep an eye out for them. I may have been to quick to judge on that comment, and I maybe based it off not liking the movie version of Road to Perdition. Maybe.

I've been fiending for Darkie's Mob, too, and that Dredd volume sounds right up my alley.

My to-read stack is absurd at this point. I need to stop.

rev'd '76 - Issue #9 of Ed was released... you can buy it off D&Q's site...

Puzzle-pieces-while-solving-a-mystery are just Steranko. It's probably his most imitated move-- I think it's a nice one to take. Though, it'd be nice if more people ripped off the flashback in the bisected background move from his Tower of Shadows story. That's the bit I always remember first with Steranko.

I like that red panel.

I remember not liking Button Man, but a lot of people do like Button Man. So, whatever that means.

Button Man is okay. It seems like the sort of story Ennis would be good with, but would never do, if that makes sense. I've got it kicking around somewhere around here.

Honestly I'm starting to feel like the constant exposition is killing any momentum The Boys had accumulated up to this point. There's been some good stuff (the 9/11 flashback issue) but to have Herogasm, Highland Laddie and now this entire arc all get derailed into huge expository flashback monologues not to mention the upcomming Butcher miniseries kind of diverts from the main conflict, which is looking to be The Homelander's plans for a supe coup.

I get that Ennis has really put a lot of work into conceiving this whole alternate history, but it feels like it should be the backdrop of the series, not the forefront.

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