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"Throw the boomerang.

Throw the boomerang at her."

That's actually sort of a genius way of illustrating how out-of-context and stupid all of this is for Nina, many people certainly but ESPECIALLY someone who hasn't been reading the series and doesn't know/care about the DCU.

Nina, Mike Sterling, Mike Sterling, Nina.

Can I date your wife?

I thought Carrie being awful was at least half the point of Sex and the City.

Nina, you're awesome.

I'll never read this book, but I want to send Alan Moore a care package over it. And if anyone's response is "Alan Moore doesn't define Swamp Thing", come on. Really?

"To me it has no parallel. No metaphor. No re-framing or reflection of my life, of anyone's life, through the subject matter. This just feels like a silly story that's not for me, or anyone else that's my age."

Wonderful. I haven't read a word of Brightest Day, but I fear that this says all there is to say about it.


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