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I'm just extremely pleased that someone besides me uses the term horsehockey.

Witch Doctor is spot on in its depiction of how difficult the wheelbarrow can be while trying to hear if your dick is hitting their lungs.

They chose the wrong Batman spin-off. Man-of-Bats is a billion times more interesting than Batwing. He even has a less stupider name.

Of course, DC thinks "more diversity" is a bunch of comics with black people. So screw the rest of us minorities.

I guess comics are better than greeting cards SOMETIMES. But then there are those moments when you find just the right "Happy Divorce Day, Grampa" card with just the right cat with just the right googly plastic eyes glued on and it really makes you THINK, you know? It works on LEVELS. And you're like "yeah, man... this is why I keep coming back to the Hallmark store every Wednesday. This is the good stuff, right here."


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