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The thing I love about that Avengers issue is the smell of putrid pride it gives off, as if the people involved really think they're splitting the atom with this dumb-as-shit bog-standard Law & Order meets Ken Follet bullshit.

That DEADPOOL comic? Am I being a simpleton or does it not look like Kyle Baker has in fact not finished drawing quite a lot of it?

YOU CARE NOW AVENGERS: Hawkeye looks like his blink reflex failed him at the moment of climax. Is he stuck like that now? It's not a good look for him, I think.

"a crying (!) Punisher got taken away from a scene of a crime screeching 'Punish MEEEEEEE'"

That is fucking fantastic. I would frame that shit and put it on my wall. I would put it on my wall in alternating two-color prints, Warhol-style. I'd make it into wallpaper. "PUNISH MEEEEEEEEE!"

Kyle Baker, so delicious. I'm so glad someone pointed me in the right direction there.

Goddammit Stone, I got all excited about Casanova until I figured out that it's a reprint of the last story before the book went on hiatus. You terrible tease.

On the other hand, research says that the new shit comes out in September to which I can only say: fuck and yes I love that comic and will fight anyone who says otherwise.

So yeah. Carry on then. Good reviews and all that.

There will be a day when Brian Bendis is no longer writing Avengers, but sometimes, oh God, the Green Mile is so long.

No, WNFLJ, it's some of Baker's worst work. But even Tucker Stone has Heroes Who Can Do No Wrong.

After purchasing and reading the comic, I have to agree with the above.

Or at least with the half-drawn part.

Aeugh, I'm tired of comics being "comics". But that Fractionman, he sure loves them. Comics. I know because he told me, straight to my face, every other issue. Sure hope he learns to share the love some day.

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