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well i read a Tony Kushner play in a hipster coffee shop this very day and didn't even get approached by the barista when my tea ran out, so you must just be hella attractive

Tucker, did you like "Absolute Friends", if you've read it?

If you're going to sit in public and read plays, then you really should just go balls deep and read something written in ancient Greek or perhaps something from the Renaissance written in another language. Reading contemporary theater is like saying, "I try to be complex, but really, I just like books with the minimal amount of words possible."

Check and mate.

Re: You Don't Love Me Yet, I finished the fucker, filed it under "randy indie dudes" and forgot all about it. Until now.

Don't worry though, I'll still let you shake my hand if we ever meet.

While I enjoyed reading you trash (mostly) books I haven't ever read, I have to say I disagreed with you on the one book on your list I HAVE read: The Looking Glass War. I read it a long time ago (after 2-3 other Le Carres) so I don't remember it that well, but at the time I thought it's cold-blooded, step-by-step procedural of an operation that was totally misconceived, based on a false premise, and motivated by a desire to re-fight the last war, was brilliant and tragic. And that was BEFORE the war in Iraq!

Otherwise, I enjoy your rip-aparts of comics, a lot!

It was so hot in my hipster coffee shop today the barista took off his fedora. TRUE TALES.

a. I quite like Lethem, but, man, did Greil Marcus steer me wrong with YOU DON'T LOVE ME YET.

b. Wow. That may be the only time I've ever seen the term "successor" used on a book cover. The past is indeed a different country - one with better book designs.

I read the complete works of Sara Kane a while back because it took about 13 years for Blasted to even get performed in NYC, but it made Crave almost impossible to understand.

Gotta say, I'm more inclined to consider King's worst book to be INSOMNIA. Eeeeeew! Mind you, I think THE (four original)BACHMAN BOOKS are his best work. That's no joke either despite the fact that people have laughed right up in my face for saying so. The dirty birds!

UNDER THE DOME was okay, I just wanted it to be over a lot sooner than it was. Say now, if anyone does ever intend invading America they would do well to target all the small town diners first. Judging by popular culture there's a whole load of bad asses whupping up grits back in those kitchens.(I don't know what grits are.)

Women shun my touch even though I follow them around declaiming from Oleanna by David Mamet. Their loss.

Out of all those books the only one I've read is by Stephen King. Excuse me, I need to go have a talk with myself.

Thanks for the reviews!

I second THE BACHMAN BOOKS. Too bad they can never all be reprinted again like that. It's not as if RAGE is the best book ever written, but the four of them really compliment each other in some strange fashion.

But that just goes to prove something that pretty much everyone already knows: King gets progressively better with fewer pages. His novellas are usually great and his short stories are spectacular. His long novels . . . not so much.

Yeah, Bachman was pretty great. I wish I still had my old copy of that--the copy with all those skulls on the cover? Such a cool looking book.

Insomnia is pretty horrible, but it's at least imaginative at points. Under the Dome is way more compelling, but it still reads like a book that could've been produced by a late night brainstorm session by a team of Simcity fans.

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