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The Avengers issue was hilarious. They're such bitchy gossips. All of them had exactly the same thing to say about Spider-Woman's failures, insecurities, other female problems, etc... They were even finishing one another's sentences. So, either the interviews were conducted in a group, or they all talk shit about her privately. Either way, Bendis's understanding of 'the workplace' makes the issue an interesting look at the Marvel inner fratboy circle.

I just don't understand how they can perceive Tony Daniel's writing to be good. I mean, I can see how they think his art is, even if it isn't.

But his writing. My goodness, his writing. How do your eyes and brain translate that to be good?

I just don't understand it.

Sticking Chris Bachalo on a talking heads comic is basically saying to me "We don't care who draws this and we don't believe in giving an artist a script that he can do something interesting with. Writers uber alles, children."

No thanks.

Where did you hear that Chris Bachalo added in panels that weren't in the script? That's very interesting.

I thought the same thing when I was reading that Daredevil #1.

@Mory Buckman
Bachalo talks about it on his blog, May 6th entry.

Daredevil was pretty great.

If you think Daniel is a lousy writer, check out Finch's fan fic level shit on Dark Knight. DC seems to want to ignore the fact that Batman sells because its Batman, not because of the creative credits. Daniel was just in the right place at the right time.

"And god bless comic book writers, we all love comic book writers, but man: isn't it nice to see the guy who does the actual hard part--which is the drawing! drawing comics is harder than writing them! the only people who tell you different are comic book writers and bloggers who want to write comic books!"

This sort of this is why I'll always love you, Tucker.

What the hell was with Uncanny X-Force? Suddenly, it's a comic about talking?

Bendis forcing dudes like David Finch to draw endless talking heads is funny, but Bachalo? What a waste.

During the Heroic Age storyline, it is revealed that Electro had a discarded and disavowed daughter named Aftershock (similar to the MC2 Universe version) who is a member of the Bastards of Evil.[31]

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