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No joke: Back when Comics of the Weak updated more consistently I would stay up later on Sundays just to start my week off right, and I still get a big ping of excitement whenever I see a new one go up. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the best comics blog on the internet-you say the things a lot of us only sort of have in the back of our heads, and we don't even realize how funny/stupid/horrible a lot of the nonsense we take for granted in the comics industry is until you point it out. I didn't, at least. I feel like I'm better at taking in and evaluating art since I started reading this blog, and shit, I don't really know if I could think of anything better to say about TFO than that. It's true of very few things that I read, see or listen to and this blog is among them.


Thanks for a great five years! I look forward to many, many more.

i only participate in the comics community at a marginal level and i read very little about it online. but TFO is a highlight for me. one of the few such sites i make a point to routinely visit. many thanks to you and all the writers.


Well done, sir -- and, of course, all who have contributed thus far.

Here's to another five.

You're pretty much the reason why I stopped caring so much about superhero stuff and started branching out (genre-wise). Appreciate the time you put into this thing.

Like the guy above said, here's to another five.

Thank you for writing.

I only reason I buy comics is so I can better understand your blog.


Please don't let this be an end. :(

Thank you, Tucker Stone. Let's hope that Bert never finishes that baby.

Yeah, what they said. I didn't realize you'd started before I did; I've got my five-year coming up in a few months. But, yes, keep up the writing, hopefully more so than I do, considering my recent track record. This shit is fun, good times, we gotta get our giggles in before society collapses.

No doubt one of the best blogs. Thanks for keeping it.

What everybody else said. Congrats, Tucker!

This is the only comics site I read aside from TCJ and Spurgeon, and has been for years. Tucker and the crew never fail to satisfy. Thanks for all your work.


Congrats, you mean bastard. You don't look a day over 67.

Congratulations on successfully hiding your innate sweetness for five consecutive years, mister Stone, the blog's not bad either.

Congrats. I jumped on in 2009. When you described an ok batman comic as someone shitting on a plate, serving it up with a small piece of large intestine (but still shit, as promised), I knew I'd found the comic review blog for me. Look forward to it every week.

Good start bawbag, now show me what else you've got!

(Seriously though, loved this blog at first site, hope it never stops!)

Five years is a long time to manage to keep continuously blogging. Congratulations.

Happy anniversary, and thank you.

Congrats, and keep up the great work!

i kind of don't care at all about comic books anymore but i do still care about reading your blog so, uh, there's that

(more posts about rap music, which is where i think i've put all the enthusiasm i used to put into punctuation and comic books)

Came in late in the game, but I'm glad I got a great seat in the audience.

You take it to Brazil every week, young man. My thanks for all the entertaining thought fodder over the last five years and my thanks in advance for the next five. The very best to you and yours. John.

I spent all day reading that post and then went outside and burned it.


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