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The Tribe documentary sounds interesting.

Do they talk about that time when Q-Tip turned into a white guy and formed a Nu-metal band called Korn

Martin, I'm confused by your use of the term "artlessness". Are you using it as a synonym for minimalism? If so, why not simply say minimalism?

I like the review otherwise, though-"The Low End Theory" is in my top 10 and the band dynamics sound fascinating.

Hmm, a story about a drugged soldier wandering through Europe looking for rockets and we don't get a mention of the obvious Gravity's Rainbow influence? Heck, even the title and the octopus are Pynchon references...

Sorry, it just seemed superfluous. Rainbow is listed in the credits and in every interview/article regarding the movie--it's completely upfront, and having foreknowledge of it didn't end up adding anything to the experience. Impolex is what it is, with or without the Pynchon aspect.

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