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Jill Pantozzi is an internet celebrity? I've hardly noticed her at all but then I don't really read Newsarama. It is an awfully obnoxious post, though.

And Shit Comix is wonderful, I'm Internet Friends with the guy who runs it. You should do these News About Town things more often, they're interesting.

You know, it's funny, because I started reading this post with the gut feeling of, "Tucker Stone is going to say something bad about my Tumblr." I'm really glad to find that I was wrong. Thank you.

And, Chris Jones? Is that the birth name of the Sequential Assassin? If so, I'm happy you consider us Internet Friends! I always thought it was but a one-way crush!


(man we're getting dude juices all over this guy's blog)

Does Tucker Stone have a tumblr?

Stanislaw Lew hmmm... Stanislaw Lion, that's a pretty cool name.

for some good videogame writings:


Thanks Adam. I've been reading both those sites lately and they seem pretty solid.

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