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I kind of wish I could have gone to that event as anyone who claims to know that much about Captain America is either a bold-faced liar or really knows their shit, and that man weirdly has a face I trust to back up its claims. This also was possibly the best Factual Opinion Post ever. Too funny. Someday my blog will have as good a writing as this, if I magically get better at writing at least.

What was up with Bucky's military training in England basically being "Yo, see these black guys? Don't get your face kicked in, kiddo." Maybe it's just me, but that was weird.

And yeah, Butcher Baker kicked into high gear toward the middle of that issue. I liked the bit about one of the villains being more comic book-y than the others, so he used to take it easy on him, and then pow.

Yeah good read :J

I usually trade wait criminal but may check it out floppy when described like that

also where's Kelly Sue DeConnick say she disliked Fear Itself, on twitter or something?

I think Tucker is just using his power of ESP to know that. Plus how could anyone like Fear Itself much?

Mr. Stone, I just had Butcher Baker un-pulled from my pull list... put on my Do-Not-Pull list. My "Put" list. Because it's a lousy piece of shit. And it thinks "Smoky and the Bandit" is as good as Jack Kirby, which probably overrates the artistic value of SatB, yes?

Do you swear that this issue will be the one that ISN'T a waste of my money?

Was I alone in thinking that Lapham's MW2 comic was channelling Ian Fleming viciously, and in that regard was rather knowing and winking at the game's brand of hyper-masculine psychopathy proper?

Not that the art was any good, mind you. DC really dropped the ball there.

Red-I'd like to relook at that stuff to see if you're right about that. The only thing that registers in the memory is the aforementioned rape stuff, but I honestly didn't make it that far into the series before abandoning it entirely. Ian Fleming's brand of hyper-masculinity rarely turns me off.

John-I'm a firm believer in the Church of Always Bailing, and that means I'll always support just about any reason that a man can come up with for not buying a comic book. Frank Tieri wrote it? Don't buy it. Red Robin's in it? Don't buy it. You laughed at a webcomic? Don't buy Jonathan Hickman comics. You think women look attractive in baseball caps? Boycott Vertigo. If you even kinda think Butcher Baker is shit, you shouldn't think twice about giving it up: almost every problem comic books face can be attributed in some part to people buying shit that they don't want.

That being said...the amount of comics that currently play with color the way Butcher Baker does is almost a negative number, and I honestly believe Casey is starting to turn the plot around a bit. "it's getting better" probably isn't going to be enough for you--if the meter is at piece-of-shit, pleasure is probably another ten issues of progress away--but take it for what it's worth. We'll always have Haunt, you know? There's no way that's going to suck.

Well, Todd McFarlane WAS the first person to make Spider-Man popular. Thank you for the vindivalicatiodation. Say, did you know that OK Go is making some super-neat music videos lately? Their lead singer... studied semiotics.

'Punk ass cornbaby'

Oh man, your reviews are hilarious (but spot on). But that had me laughing aloud in my work office.

Thanks for that, sir.


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