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Oh gods. The crappy CGI pseudo-art has broken Tucker. Broken him into tiny pieces...

In two consecutive paragraphs we get a quality Grant Morrison diss and a quality erotic fantasy. Ignore that other dude, you are working at the height of your powers.

Oh, and the stuff about the actual comic was good too, but what came after stirred such strong emotions.




Who would've thought the best way to do a Daredevil comic is by having him do exciting Daredevil action-adventure stuff? I hope the guys at Marvel don't catch their feets on fire from all the trailblazing going on!

Grant Morrison is approaching Alan Moore levels of "it's best I don't pay attention to the things you say in public." Replace A. Moore's "grumpy old douche who writes boring prose" with G. Morr's "irritating old douche who writes very sloppy prose about comics history that people who care to know about that sort of thing (me) already know about + half-baked theory."

Answer:I hate the United Kingdom and everyone in it.

I was going to argue against hating the UK and everyone in it but I just checked and it seems Peter Cushing is dead, so okay. Fair enough.

I like the new Daredevil comic. More comics like that would be good.

Nice work, as ever. My thanks, as ever.

I'm behind on Batman Inc., and I can 't remember how long it's been since you started on your anti-Morrison kick, Tucker. Having had the honor of being mocked in an earlier issue of the series, it will be amusing when he give you the treatment and retaliates against these tirades. Maybe Jimmy Olsen will have a blog. In any case, even though you're being funny about it, I do hope you get your secret wish and Chuck Dixon takes over Batman again.

Once again, this was awesome. I'll never look at Minka Kelly the same way again.

I certainly enjoyed the first issue of Daredevil, but is it wrong that I think it was enough for me? Maybe it's the anti-Marvel sentiment stirred up by the Jack Kirby verdict, but I seriously feel like, as nice as it is, I don't need any more of that. Weird.

Also, do you really meet "civilians" who talk shit about superhero comics? And have vague ideas about stuff that happened in them? And know who Jeph Loeb is? That seems unlikely. I mean, people who used to read superhero comics and then quit, that's one thing, but you specifically ruled them out. Seriously, nobody I've ever met who isn't a superhero comics reader would even know what an Identity Crisis is, much less complain about the insularity of comics that happen between the pages of other comics. I call bullshit on your whole premise, Stone!

I didn't rule them out, Brady!

Seven Soldiers was only kind of decent, and that was only because of J.H. Williams, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, et al. The actual writing-part of it did not "rule" anyone's dick, unless by "rule" you mean "shrivel up into the abdomen, from horror."

The only cheerleaders in Batman comics are the ones who show up to die.

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