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I'm a bit more fond of BPRD: Monsters #2 than you are, I think because of the bit with the cops (Liz's "HA HA I WIN" and then "Crap. >:|" face), but you're absolutely dead-on about Hellboy. At this point, he's had the equivalent of two ongoing series spread about several miniseries and one-shots, taking place at various points in time, and all of it swept up into two parallel apocalypses that make perfect sense and hit like a thunderclap. I liked the last page, too, just for how understated it was, and what it suggests about the stuff going on in Hellboy.

Also--Duncan Fegredo draws some pretty great crying faces.

I'll own up to being all over the map on Monsters. I didn't feel like New World was the most awesome way to say goodbye to Guy Davis, and then I thought Tyler really tore it up in issue 1 of Monsters, and then it felt like the Kate of issue 2 came from a different, shittier comic entirely--these aren't the emotional roller coasters that judgments should be made off of. That Liz mini-series was really obnoxious too. That's what we have to look forward to in the post Davis era? Warmed over shlock?

Then again: Fegredo's Hellboy is and has been amazing, and it's hard to see a world where something as good as The Fury isn't going to make everything surrounding it seem so much worse.

I agree, that last thing Guy Davis drew wasn't the best story to leave on. That one that had that fight in the back of the pick up truck was much stronger. In the same way this wasn't the best first thing for Crook to draw either. A trailer park cult scraped from the shit-gristle of Steve Gerber villans starring the Elektra Natchios(as in boring and won't fucking die)of the Hellboy Universe. I have hopes for the next thing in Russia because it's drawn by the guy who spent the last whatever years drawing the shit out of Russia and that's called playing to one's strength.

I'd second all of that. It's high time the BPRD got cracking on some out of town adventures. As far as I can tell, most of those last two mini's took place somewhere called "nighttime", which is a lot less interesting than, you know, an actual place.

I think the other thing, and I'll shut up about BPRD after this, the other that the Liz Sherman mini-series shoulda taught everybody was that if isn't written by Joshua Dysart and starring cast of disposable grunts then there's no need to go off-storyline like that again.

Thor appears in around 25% of Fear Itself's pages, I will now transcribe his entire dialogue.

--to me.
--Benjamin don't--
and him i liked.
but you?
you were always a pain in the ass. (really!)
And now!
haaah. I...
I cannot beat you. You know.
and I never could. (Hulk responds "I knew.")
Did you now.
to be...

Jesus, this is just, dire.

I have been struggling to put into words why I think that the main FEAR ITSELF series is so great. I think that I am looking at it as Stuart Immonen's AVENGERS with a subtitle of "screenplay by Matt Fraction."

Some questionable shit in this issue for sure.

I found the new BPRD couplet a consistent let-down from Sir Guy Davis' work, but I probably was too confused visually to make ass or tails out of the storyline itself. But I wasn't put off enough to give up on the BPRD just yet.

Not to be "that guy" (I'm always "that guy," it seems), but it seems to me that the issue was written in such a way that anyone unfamiliar with Squirrel Girl - since most of the GLA comics in which she appeared were read by few people - would pick up most of what the needed from the content of the story itself without necessarily needing any prior familiarity.

Squirrel Girl is a personal favorite of many, after all, and the desire to expose the character to a larger audience is - while almost uncharacteristically charitable of Bendis - a perfectly understandable attempt to pull a deserving minor leaguer up to the majors.

This isn't a fight you can win, that Squirrel rolls deep.

Perfect analysis of Fear Itself. It's the only possible explanation for why this is such an awful, awful book. It's *intentionally* written that way to make people never want to buy a Marvel "event" comic again.

this made me realize i've been unconciously boycotting marvel comics for like three and a half years now


I'm really glad you think that Snyder's stuff on Detective Comics doesn't amount to anything more than a cluster of hammy, mean-spirited cliches because looking around at the praise this run was getting I swear to Christ I thought I was the only one.

I was digging Detective until three issues ago when the slow burn was tossed out the window for obviousness and an evil plan from the David Goyer playbook so they could wrap it up for the "hail-mary" relaunch.

I'm pretty sure that New Avengers' issue's entire existence was built around Bendis' desire to bully Dan Slott.

I will never get back the time it took to read your reviews.
But you watch The View. That explains all.

Re: New Avengers #15:

Other than THAT, Mrs. Lincoln...how did you enjoy the play?

I'm only buying porno comix from now on

I didn't believe there was a squirrel girl. But then I looked on Wikipedia, and there she is. Who knew?

Is there really a thing where Eve Laurence dresses like Starfire? Does she do anal?


Everything after your review of The New Avengers #15 was at least somewhat enjoyable. Your review of The New Avengers #15, however, was just piss. I can't think of a word that embodies the laziest activity that a human being can participate in while still, by definition only, "create something," so I decided to go with "piss." Seriously, I was thinking of hyperlinking a few people about this blog, but after reading that...forget it.

I'm really sorry. Please reconsider hyperlinking a few people about this blog it would mean a lot seriously.

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