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Tim wants to argue why Calvin and Hobbes shouldn't be ranked among the best, but the list explicitly allowed for, and you give an excellent explanation for why it would be among someone's *favorite* comics. It's the joy in it, the affection readers brought to it, where and what you were when you first discovered it. Calvin and Hobbes doesn't do some of the things that comics on my own "best" list do, but it did make me genuinely happy by its existence, which is impressive, and enough. Plus the guy could draw like a maniac.



And Ganges #4 is right around the corner!

NTSF's not great-- it definitely hurts that it follows Childrens Hospital which for me has been especially killing this year. (Multiple Rob Schrab episodes, among other things).

But that said-- I think they've had a couple episodes where there've been signs that there's a show there. The one with Rich Fulcher from the Mighty Boosh-- that one definitely had moments, for me; every second of Rob Riggle's performance there, I was into...

But they just really haven't figured out that cast. I'm frustrated every time I see Martin Starr; Rebecca Romaignej(?) is... in it? I don't know why; Kate Mulgrew varies, depending on what they give her-- "you were good but I was better" was great, but other weeks, dead-zone...

The problem is without the superlfuous characters, Peter Serafinowicz as the robot or whoever, then it's just Eagleheart again, but parodying a different kind of show, and... (a) I like the cast on Eagleheart more, and (b) I wasn't THAT into Eagleheart anyways. Childrens Hospital passes the ball around more; plus: less plot. I really want NTSF to get to that point, but it needs to get past Scheer before it can do that and... It's his show, so... Childrens Hospital's Cordry's show but he didn't make it about him the same way so...

Also: I have a billion more opinions on this show even though it's only like 10 minutes long and you only barely mentioned it for a sentence. Here's another 500 pages. On NTSF something something. I don't even know the name of the show.

You don't seem to be a huge fan of Jeet Heer, and I'm curious about that.

"Pale, overwhelmingly male, and raised on comic books, the main writers are very short on experience in the world beyond pop culture."

SNL in 1995 or

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