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Rags Morales looked at the face in the panel where Superman catches the bullet and said, "There's nothing more to be done here, send this page to Ink Town because it ain't gonna find no work in the graphite factory here in Rags Port."

This just made my day. Thank you.

My hat is off to you, sir. I live outside the continental 48 so I rely on DCBS to ship me comics once a month, yet I can always read your reviews before then and not have the stories ruined for me. How you manage to convey the essence of these comics without spoilers is a feat of writing I'd wish more people would aspire to. The humor is good too. Thankfully I skipped out on ordering Batgirl, so I guess I can still have children. Could be a cure for priapism, however.

That 52 shit is just not any good, is it? I'm glad I'm not the only one who realize what a clusterfuck it turned out to be. I mean, it was a half-baked idea at best to begin with. But they well under-performed anything I would have imagined them capable of.

Supposedly the whole idea of this exercise was to make comics more accessible to new readers. Well, I'm far from a new reader, and I don't have a clue what the hell is going on in any of these books. Some characters are new, some are revamped, some are the same but don't remember anything, some are different but remember the past universe, and every story relies on the reader already having an extensive working knowledge of the DC universe to understand even the simplest plot points or shitty ironic, winky fucking tongue in cheek bullshit.

Suspect Device iz the real shit, people

"Casanova is just...too mainstream!" - Tucker Stone, 2011

In issue #2 of The Big Lie, Lord Monckton teams up with Booster Gold to punch the MMR vaccine in the face. True story.

We must never let Comixology's readers see this, lest their tongues burst from the clucking.

I read that BIG LIE #1 comic and I couldn't fathom a fucking thing out in it. What is it for? Couldn't Veitch just get a badly designed Geocities page like every other fucking nut? Is there going to be an #2? I really fucking hope so.

Also, the only comic so far from the New 52 worth reading is ANIMAL MAN #1. Which will most probably be cancelled by #12.

where can i buy suspect device??

AC was a fairly interesting succession of bullet points that nobody felt any particular need to turn into a story.

Rick Veitch is a truther :((((((

Here you go derwin: http://www.joshbayerart.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3

Wow, those Comixology guys are sure reacting harshly to neutered, sellout Tucker, huh? I think they might be bots.

Yeah the colouring on that OMAC comic reminded me of the computer graphics on the covers of shitty goa-trance and chill-out CDs from the 90s and they looked just as horrible back then. I enjoyed the comic though.

I own the Big Lie book but still haven't read it. I can't get past all those truther ads on the front and back... It was bad enough that last week's Marvel comics had all those mawkish 9/11 pin ups..

dog get a funny metaphor or two and try this again. you shouldn't be publishing your first draft of shit jokes

Mr. Stone: I liked Action Comics #1 and I absolutely projectile-vomited with delight over how good I thought the new Casanova was. Totally, really liked the bejeezus out of it, way supermuch to the supermax, with Wonder Woman's supertampax. Conversely, I yam ordering Suspect Device upon your recommendation, so I'm very happy we've stopped fighting. Hey whoah, did that guy just call you a DOG? That's mean!

Um... I'm blogging about comic books now, and I promise it's not because I think it'll get me into Nina's pants. I'm swarthy and look stupid in womens' pants. My column at http://www.chicagocomicvault.com/ is called Our Underwear, and the most recent one is so profane that it made all of my co-bloggers uncomfortable. I apologize if this publicity request isn't appropriate for a comment, but I just don't want to die without having offended Salvador Larroca.

Oh, also, I'm stupidly using my real name on the column. Thank you in advance for if you ever give me a handjob.

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