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I have one of those Cable comics by Joe Casey with Jose Ladronn. It's quite pretty.

Those Casey/Ladronn run are pretty respectable comics, albeit neglected and ignored.

Unfortunately I think Cable still has a stigma amongst people who still make Rob Liefeld jokes, so people who want to appear hip enjoy slagging the comics without even knowing anything about them.

Well, to be fair...the post Macan Cable comics I read were among the worst comics I've ever seen. They were bad enough that I think people are really justified in insulting Cable for the rest of his lifetime as a corporate product.

"somebody cutting the Joker's face off and hanging it on a wall while the Joker makes a joke about how said torture made him cum. (That example is from a comic that was released today.)"

Please tell me you are not kidding about this.

Detective Comics #1

I had someone bring up the ending of Detective Comics #1 unprompted in a telephone conversation today. It was awesome.

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