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If you don't enjoy the regular Ellis infodump, then you very well might not enjoy FREAKANGELS, but on the other hand it's pretty to look at and funny & sarcastic as hell and involves a bunch of teenagers (some without pants) trying to rebuild the world with steam engines & civil engineering & strawberries & lots of telepathy.

And there are six volumes of it, which places it in the frustratingly narrow category of Big Important Stories Warren Ellis Actually Finished... Beginning, middle, end & everything inbetween!

Oh man I have been trying for years to nail down what drives me insane about Ellis and this is it exactly

It's called "Verfremdungseffekt" which translates to "dick move that makes you think of the real world instead of just having fun".

Hate to say it but atomic does not equal nuclear weapon. Using the decay of say americinium (in your smoke detector) or radium (in your walls, make-up, countertops, etc.) to produce propulsion would make an atomic car. You were taken out of the story because you know a little about time travel not because ellis suddenly introduced logic into the story. It was mixed in the stew from the get go.

I don't think "A time machine has to move too or it's going to end up somewhere else since the Earth moves" is that big of a deal. It's an old chestnut that has been used all over the place in science fiction. I don't think it's been some sort of genre razzing hardcore logical revelation since the 60s.

Ms. Stone, I actually liked the part of the story that you disliked and disliked the rest. The rest of the internet, though, is acting like Ellis's (now-)2 issues of this title are REAL GOOD. So, basically, you and I completely agree. Also, the last 2 commenters are trying to pick a fight with you, which is what cads do.

HI ya'll! Thanks so much for reading.
Rev'd: Freakangels does sound kind of intriguing - at least by the way that you explain it! Maybe I'll check it out.

DangerMouse - that's hilarious! I"m glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's had this experience.

Rainer - for real?!?!?!? I freaking LOVE that there's a word for that. I "google translated it" with the result being: "alienation effect." PERFECT.

And Hey. Scab. Don't tell me what I think. That's weird.

Hi, Lugh. Its not really a big deal. In the comic, the explanation goes on for longer than that - and something about it, and its length, just derailed my fiction-joy-ride.

And hello, John Pontoon. Thanks for writing! I I like that we are both in the "I didn't like this comic book issue" club, even if its for different reasons. :)

Okay ya'll. I gotta go and finish reading Wonder Woman so I can get a new post up here. Thanks, again, for reading!

Nina Stone, you are quite welcome! Funny you should mention writing, as it gives me a specious reason to mention that I am now (finally, inevitably) a comics blogger of articles such as this one:

If you enjoy your husband's writing, you may enjoy mine. If your husband's writing makes you worried about his using his actual name, then I may have accidentaly written this to MY wife.

Hey, Warren Ellis tells me that he doesn't read reviews, BUT, if you read the latest issue of Secret Avengers (which, by the way, has been FANTASTICALLY EXCELLENT for the last 5 or so issues, really!) it sure seems like he's addressing THIS VERY REVIEW by you, Ms. Stone. I'd love if you read it and gave your opinion on that. Toodles!

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