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I like the layout on Jog's DRIVE piece - it reads like a Kenneth Koch poem, y'know?

Sorry about that, it should be fixed now.

13 Assassins is fucking sick yo. My jaw literally dropped at times; at others, I had tears in my eyes, tears of sweet, sweet joy because I couldn't believe what the fuck I was seeing onscreen. That alley-of-swords bit especially -- I'm getting goosepimples just remembering it.

In conclusion: 13 Assassins gave me special feelings in my secret place.

Also: a closer comparison to Clouzot might be Haneke? Albeit not all Clouzot's films were about bourgeois pigs choking on their own complacency...

These two films aren't typical for their creators, but I got the same feeling watching Elephant and United 93 as I did watching Wages of Fear -- that awful, nauseating, crushing dread that just does not let up. Non-stop thrill rides!

RotPotA aka Serkis Speaks! was redeemed by the big set-piece at the end -- everything from SPOILER IF YOURE RETARDED AND COULDN'T HAVE GUESSED the primates' escape and onwards. The showdown on the bridge was really well blocked out, in a way you don't see often these days; it was perfectly clear where everyone was and what they were doing. David Bordwell would surely approve.

And does anyone else think it's odd that Refn has ended up making these violent, uber-stylized films, after how he debuted with the Pusher films? I went into Pusher 1 & 2 expecting some dodgy Tarantino rip-off, and was pleasantly surprised when they turned out to be Dardennes-style lower-class naturalism...

Glad you liked "The Chaser." I saw it at the Milwaukee Film Festival (yes, we have one of those) a couple of years ago and it blew my mind. So suspenseful.

It's also structured differently than any serial killer movie I've ever seen - and the protagonist is a complete asshole.

Apparently the same squad of people who remade Infernal Affairs into Departed are going to do the same trick with Chaser? I hope that's not true. Chaser was so well done, I don't know how they'd get all those pieces right again.

Jones: I agree 100% on the alley-of-swords. That was the moment for me when I knew I loved the movie on an emotional level. "Kill anybody who gets past me"--i felt like I was watching the greatest hits of Things Tucker Wants To See In Movies. It really felt personally tailored for me to enjoy.

On Haneke, I think I disagree, but only because his movies are so much more clinical than Clouzot's. If he could be a little more entertaining, I think he would be a good comparison, but Haneke just seems to prize the points he's trying to make a little too highly. Clouzot's criticisms of people (and countries, and institutions) were always in the service of these super-compelling thrillers.

Ooh, 36th Chamber! That is a really awesome movie. Gotta love Gordon Liu. I love kung fu movies, but I haven't watched nearly enough of them lately. I may have to remedy that.

The Chaser: that's the recent Korean movie, right? I've been meaning to watch that one, and I think you've tipped me over into NEEDING to watch it.

I haven't seen Wages of Fear, but I did see the remake, Sorceror, by William Friedkin and starring Roy Schieder. It was good. I should probably check out the original sometime. Netflix!

I'm curious about your Shane Black ranking now. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang would probably be number one for me, not sure about the others.

Joe -

The big game on the radio is a hacky trope? I'm not quite sure I've ever seen it before (although could definitely be missing something) - at least never deployed in such a way. Where else has this device shown up?

My order goes like this:
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lethal Weapon 2
Long Kiss Goodnight
Lethal Weapon
Last Boy Scout

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