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I'm looking forward to the eventual Casanova: Avaritia since there was no way in fucking hell I'm paying five bucks a month for a standard length comic. Not even one drawn by Ba...

It's not a Standard Length comic.


Phonogram is one of my favorite comics, Kieron! Also you're the first writer to make me consider picking up X-Men since I was a child. (A younger child, I guess)

LurkerWithout: It's not a standard length comic. It's 32 pages and it's absolutely worth $5. Dense, beautiful, heartbreaking. Feels like a 60-page comic.

Lurker Without: I'd recommend the digital version. Thirty-two pages for the low, low price of one ninety nine.

Did you hear that the second issue of Avarita isn't a standard length comic?

Lugh: No, you're wrong. It's actually smaller.

Chris: Thanks, you sweetie.


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