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Oh fuck dude, you can NOT let Tumblr know you made that crack about the cosplay.

Just because you're not sexist in the way you conceptualize cosplay doesn't mean you're not sexist about ANYTHING. There's still hope!

Voyager is vastly under-appreciated. That Toth "Bravo" dream story is brilliant beyond words.

Also, if I recall, the Morrison/McKean story in Fast Forward is amazing, too. One of the best things Morrison's written actually, imo.


No idea what that canceled comic was, even though I'm sure I must have read about it.


Rubber Blanket #2 was right in front of you.

And you bought it.

I... hate you.

's alotta Panter.

It's always delightful to see that somebody else thinks "Scalped" is crap. I had a conversation with Chris Burnham about the subject (I don't know the fellow, just met him a couple of times,) where I opined that the art was just fugly. He said something like, "You're crazy, the art is beautiful!" Which... man, I really like HIS art, and I just cannot understand how his aesthetic taste could be that completely wrong. What a mystery the world is.

Anyhow, the writing of "Scalped" is also cartoonishly grim 'n' gritty. I just don't understand the universal adoration.

Also, I think YOU are cuckoo crazy with your people-in-costumes opinion. Do you hate Halloween too? Me, I'm 100% behind ladies dressing up as Sexy Nurse, Sexy Drywall, Sexy Hobo, Sexy Ed Gein, Sexy Notary, whatever. Maybe it has something to do with whether you were alive when "Wonder Woman" first aired?

Scalped's great. Guera got much better around the second or third arc - he knows how to tell a story now, and much more than that. He's a fucking master storyteller. Take a look at #49 -- specifically the scene in the car -- to see what I'm talking about.

Aaron's writing deals in cliches, but hey, it's a crime thriller - making it non-cliched is about as hard as making my grandfather Bretislav come back to life, i.e. really hard because he's dead and buried and people usually just come to take a look at his grave and, you know, talk about how great he was, even though he sometimes was a total dick.

But I love him. And I love Scalped. Because even though the levels of its fans' adoration sometimes border on sociopathic behavior we usually associate with the interplay between unhinged criminally insane pederasts and adolescent boys, it can't destroy its core - an old-fashioned Hammett/Ellroy/Thompson crime thriller with minor social overtones.

It's no Mazzucchelli, it's comfort food masked as something more - and the fact that Scalped occasionally transcends its own mask and delivers a sharp kick in the gut makes it better than you think it is.

I guess criminally insane pederasts are usually unhinged though

Ales, I disagree. With your first post, I mean. I think that it's possible to write in a genre WITHOUT dealing in cliche, and that if one cannot transcend cliche, one has not written well. Also, the dialogue isn't very witty ever, and the whole Scalped world is just unpleasant. Also, I think your Grandfather was always nice, but I hate him.

Dear John!

Of course it's possible to write in a genre without dealing in cliche. It's just -- as I said -- very, very hard.

I don't need witty dialogue. It's Scalped, not In the Loop.

And of course the world...oh wait. Are you real? Is this someone else? Is this Sean Witzke making fun of me?

Man! I totally wish I had thought of the idea of being Sean Witzke and making fun of you before you did. I totally would have done it if I had. Anyhow, none of what I said was said sarcastically (including all of this, which is intended as absurdism, which is more my thing.)

Yeah yeah, the world of Scalped is supposed to be unpleasant because THAT'S JUST LIFE ON THE REZ, MAN. You know what would be EVEN MORE unpleasant? Actually LIVING on one? But I choose not to, as do you (going out on a limb there...)

It's no fun. It's not entertaining. It does not edify or fascinate me. Whatever degree of verissimillitude it may have is of no value to me, because I like to enjoy the things I'm reading. Doesn't mean they have to be comedies, but it DOES mean that there has to be joy to be pulled from it in some way. Scalped lacks this.

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