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Now, this Comeau guy is the one who knows everybody in Canada, right?

If only all battle-hos could have Wolverine comics for faces.

I'm loving these cage matches. I wish comics could be more overtly competitive, where there are clear cut winners and the sore losers are left pummeled and shamed. Of course, we need hard and fast rules to do that, and you've got a good start here.

Someone, though, may suggest that this isn't exactly a fair fight. That someone would say that you're taken a tag team of seasoned contenders who have been trained by the largest institution around and have pitted them against an unknown rookie armed with only some awkwardly raw energy and a childhood dream. They're not even on the same playing field. On paper, it's just not a fair fight.

Yet it's interesting because by your count, the rookie wins, which only goes to show that comics aren't about the parts but instead, it's the sum that claims victory. I mean, c'mon, Hellberta won based on its overall package of sheer enthusiasm and (I hope) unironic embrace of this material. Inner Fury took itself TOO seriously and worst of all: it was boring. Based on story alone, Hellberta kicks the shit out of most Marvel comics today. Plus, anyone who uses the X Crucifixion motif is alright with me.

So, Yeah, storywise, Inner Fury was our Glass Joe. The art department gets a little trickier. Hellberta has solid "naive" rendering with easy to love color combinations and low-fi print quality which gives it, of course, an identity we can all recognize and champion. As for Billy the Sink, he's clearly bored with the material he was given to draw. The comic's color palette predates Marvel's obsession with ugly shades browns and yellows, but Sink still draws his ass off. I'd love to see black and white reproductions sans text, not that it would win the comic this bout.

This round simply shows how for comics to win, they must operate as a unit, not as a gang of different little voices mostly pulling in different directions. But "whatevs", right? "Who gives a crap, brah? Comics are so great & cool & all around fun that I unconditionally love all comics at all times no matter what or how or why." No, not whatevs. I don't mean to digress (I kinda do), but it's too bad these smart reviews are probably glossed over and dismissed as "talkin' shit" because it wasn't sugar coated enough with a cheerleader's glee.

Actually, you know what, Tucker? Screw using your critical faculty to be mean, or worse, to regard superhero comics in any smart, substantial way. After all, any moron can tell you that even in a drug state, Logan's hand can't be cut off because his bones are laced with shuthtefukup.

I so want to get a copy of Hellberta. Damn you, Canada.

No no no Fiffe, the whole premise of the book is that Wolverine's bones have been rendered fragile by the nanite infection. So there.

Crap, Sam Kieth proved me wrong, too...


Where can I find more images of the two women in the top picture? Are they part of the comic book or maybe they are from Marvel? Are they comic book critics?

Dick Hyacinth (l) & Neilalien (r). Sadly, this was a retirement bout...

Man, whatever happened to Hyacinth? That guy fell off the face of the planet with such finality it was startling.

Horrible Trader Joe's accident; jumbo bag of granola fell from the top shelf, squished his head like a grape. So sad.

(ugh, actually I don't know if he really isn't still alive... no offense is intended, you just never really know these things on the internet...)

Thought one of them might be Sidney Mellon...

guess u misplaced yr priorities for a second their pal

Inner Fury isnt pretty rad then?!!1

well what is good then some Image shit I guess

Some whilce portacio splatter-fuck i supose

This review finally got me interested in actually reading Hellberta, not just looking at a couple of images. I don't really like the lo-fi style, but I didn't get a sense before of how nuts the comic is. Maybe I'll read it someday.

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