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Seeing Marc Silvestri's work on Hulk #1 made me realize how much we Americans miss out because comic artists don't do semi-annual publications . Imagine if he did one "album" a year, with subject matter as violent and beautiful as what you see in Pat Mills' and Olivier Ledroit's "Requiem Chevalier Vampire." I bet it would fucking rock and roll. Just don't ask the dude to go monthly. He's too busy being a Vatican assassin from mars.

Bravo, sir.

When good men die they live on an allowance from their wives

What did I do? (If I used smiley faces, I'd use one now ... but I don't.) Melody Beattie

Man, a comment from Melody Beattie? I am so close to calling my mom right now, no joke. That's PHENOMENAL.

Still haven't said what I did to tick you off (I'm assuming those are the emotions you're talking about.) Seriously, I'd be interested to here -- especially from a male's viewpoint. Melody (again) Beattie

P.S. -- Tell your mom I said "hi." Thanks.

I'm pretty sure Tucker is making a wry comment on the nature of co-dependant relationships vis-a-vis his relationship to comic books. No personal insult intended, simply citing your work in an ironic way.

I am consumed with doubt and suspicion re: melody.

I tend to consume scallops with my bare hands.

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