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DC did publish five issues of Blitzkrieg: "Searing battle stories of World War II as seen through enemy eyes!" Pretty much your standard ironic make war no more stories, though.

Ah, I should've guessed that. Thanks, B. (And congratulations!)

What I've taken from this is that there is no tangible difference between comics culture in the '70s and what it is currently, with the exception, perhaps, that we now put much more stock in fan art. Not "we" but you know...them. The commenters at ComicsAlliance. Those guys.

This is exactly in my wheelhouse, so feel free to do more of these, if you're taking votes.

This is not nearly as good as the economist reviews — but it's still pretty great, which shows you how much I like those economist reviews.

I didn't realize Gene Phillips wrote for TCJ back in the day. That's kind of amazing. Also...Kim Thompson was pissed that Stan Lee changed Spider-Man's origin? I don't really know what to say about that.

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