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Is Lone Wolf and Club hella different from Samurai Executioner? I'm usually pretty forgiving of hilariously awful treatment of women in older comics but the first volume is literally a woman getting raped and drinking piss followed by a six year old getting raped and murdered on panel followed by a whore giving a prison warden a rapey blowjob and then killing herself because SE killed the guy she wanted him to kill and she has nothing to live for. It was ugly and strange in a way that, unlike many manga in a similar vein, I didn't find at all appealing.

On a side note, I'm really glad you got to read some good stuff this week.

Did Cole bring any of that jolly bestiality to his art in Playboy? I've only seen the bits in the Spiegelman/Kidd book...

If you think Samurai Executioner is bad, hop on board the Color of Rage train. I've heard that that one does its best to meet & exceed, like the lady who gets stripped naked and forced to choke on dirt (?!) because she got a little hot under the collar when she saw the black guy in the comic. Pow! Feudal justice.

Based on your description, yes, Lone Wolf and Cub is considerably different. It may not be the most forward thinking of narratives as far as women go, but it is not over-the-top exploitative. It's been awhile since I read the whole series, but in general I thought the depictions were more historical in nature.

Totally with you on the state of advertising in Marvel (and DC/Vertigo) titles. It makes me irrationally angry.

On a positive note, how awesome is Fatale?! In both concept and execution. Liked the bonus essay on Lovecraft by Jess Nevins as well. This is exactly the way to produce a comic that I will buy in single issues and actually feel good about paying full price to own the physical artifact.

I was hoping that your site would be blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA. Do you think Marvel and DC are going to continue letting you say mean things about their products if those laws pass? You'll go poof.

Vampires with clits!

Lone Wolf does some pretty dark shit to female characters, but that's because EVERYBODY gets it in Lone Wolf. It's too good a book to skip out on. Push through, Jones. I believe in you.

Lugh, I'm about as scared of DC and Marvel as I am of a balloon. They've got the weight of Disney and Time Warner behind them, and they still can't figure out how to make 22 pages of decent Superman comics. What can they threaten a breathing man with?

What any childish endeavor with political power can threaten men with: Censorship. I'm honestly curious what the unfettered ability to censor would do for internet entertainment criticism. Do media conglomerates really care that people like you are speaking their minds about their products? If SOPA and PIPA passed completely unaltered, would they go after you claiming that, say your use of images are copyright violations? And despite fair use, since the onus is on the site in question, would you get disappeared? Would they make threats first? Or would entertainment groups continue their current course of just ignoring the hell out of criticism except when it's convenient?

I'm glad your new thing is "asshole"

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