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You have to HAVE TO read the rest of the issues, Nina The entire thing is so perfect. McDonnell is at his peak here.

I thought it was cool that I was reading a comic that "wasn't for kids, anymore" when I was 9 (fuck, did that marketing work or what?) but this mini series was truly creepy. As far as I could tell, the Yale/Ostrander team always wrote in that way, in that "you're not a dumbass" kind of way.

Imagine comics, written like that!

I am genuinely willing to accept "ya'll" as an alternate spelling because as a one-syllable second-person plural used by hip hop it's quickly becoming nationalized and even globalized so the Southern origin doesn't matter much anymore

I recently just read all of Ostrander's Suicide Squad, and was shocked that it's actually as good as they say. It has its ups and downs, but the ups are a lot better than I would've expected from a mainstream DC comic, especially in the '80s.

In which the blogger comes to praise the achievements of John Ostrander as evidenced in the new Suicide Squad?

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