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RIP Patrice. :(

He has one final album coming out next month.

Also RIP Plinkett's TV (and that cat he fucked to death).

So I got a little over four minutes into that Star Wars thing and when I tried to close the tab the computer froze and the sound wouldn't turn off. And I think you knew that was going to happen, somehow.

You know how some superhero readers were like aw shit, I never thought I'd see a film with the Warriors fucking Three in a major role

-- and fair enough, I never thought I'd see a film with the Warriors fucking Three in a major role --

that's how I am about A Dangerous Method. Vincent Cassel playing a fourth-billed Otto Gross, are you kidding me?! Alas, no Ferenczi or Fliess, but there's hope for the sequel/prequel...I'm a total fanboy for the history of early 20C psychoanalysis.

I saw KILL LIST at the cinema and came out of it in an incandescent rage. I was so angry, I was going to ask for my money back. But three days later, I was still thinking about it. And then a month later, I desperately needed to see it again. When I saw it again, I realised that whilst it's not exactly THE PRESTIGE as far as narrative magic tricks go, there is a lot more going on than you first thought.

And it's one of the few films of this year that made me feel anything other than utter boredom. In fact, not just of this year.

I see you got the BBS box set. Wise choice. "Drive, He Said" is way better than it has any right to be.

Hi Tucker and Matt. Great reviews.

Is the book "The Last Picture Show" worth reading?

I've heard yes.

Larry McMurtry is a genius 30% of the time and at least worth an investment 60% of the time so I'd say go for it.

Re: Kill List - also a kind of naturalistic Sexy Beast, for a little while.

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