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I'm starting to get the feeling that you have more respect for Red Hood and the Outlaws then you let on.

If Red Hood is #1 I wonder what the bottom would be. Maybe Teal Lanterns, or one of them Justice League things.

I would say that I think Red Hood is in danger of starting to take itself seriously but that would mean that I read it regularly and you're not supposed to openly admit that (I think it means you're misogynist or racist or something).

I'm clapping like I believe in fairies but tinkerbell is staying dead. Instead I'm just getting a huge Marvel event no one asked for where mutants and avengers fight. I shouldn't have clapped.

You're just starting to get the feeling?

It's a fun read and nobody can deny that. *kanyeshrug*

'Why not just shit on a child's face at his mother's funeral for a couple of hours'

That's their next big cross-over. EXCLUSIVE!

Captain Britain is awesome! Have you even read the Moore/Delano series?

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