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So they have that cover, and then none of the comic is shown with that broad punching people into meat slush with her fists?

That should be every issue. When are they gonna make Doom #1 but with a goyl? How many people are they gonna let make comics only to fuck it up?

Wait I don't know anything about comics anyway. :(

There's a little bit of punching people into meat slush, but I'll admit I switched off pretty quick when Riley showed up - I'm not sure that "crazy world thru the eyes of a regular gal" angle has ever really worked for me.

It could work if her eyes are seeing some heads explode, and she's like, "this is crazy."

Or even better, she's like, "don't punch me in the face and make my head explode," but then that happens anyway. Character: over.

Strike them things I said earlier about being no punching, it is true, there's some punching!

I should, like, read the comic to which these posts pertain to before commenting probably.

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