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Everything after the point where Conan sees the ship seems to be some sort of dream sequence. Having read the original story, nothing like this happens in it, so a dream sequence seems the most logical bet, as a way to convey Conan's fascination with the Queen. In addition, the whole vampire/fire-eyes thing seems to be Conan *visualizing* her while Tito's describing her to him. Unless Wood has completely taken leave of his senses, I don't think he's going to make Belit a vampire.

What does happen in the original story, however, is all that stuff in the beginning with Conan leaping onto the ship, forming a camaraderie with the crew, telling them about why he was running from the guard. Conan's portrayed as a bit too confident and gregarious for this point in his life - that's more a mark of the matured Conan - but it's certainly far from the pop culture stereotype of the Big Dumb Barbarian perpetuated by the films.

I had the same reaction in really enjoying the comic until the ending. A dream sequence makes sense and for some reason didn't dawn on me while re-reading the last part 2-3 times.

it's a definite departure from the original. i feel like the book can be separated into two parts, if you know the original. the first deviation we can set aside- it works for those who don't know the original story.

the second deviation is with the ship/dream sequence, which I found to be mostly successful and interesting. I feel like this is a comic book you will go back to and to have to figure something out in a visual way is not a bad thing, it's engaging, and your opinion about what is happening can change as you glean more info on second and third looks.

you can figure it out, and it leaves some ambiguity to form an opinion and have something to say about the sequence that makes it your own a bit...also i think it sucks you have the lousy movies to thank for your ideas about conan. not your fault really, but like any fan of the character i'm sure we would all urge you to pick up some of the original stories and really see what all the hype is about.

I experienced the same with the Comic too near the end, wondering what the hack was going on. I still liked it, being slightly different from the dumb womanising barbarian stories that prevail with Conan lore. As the other writer above points out, do get the original tale and read it. Robert E Howard the Queen of the Black Coast. A short story that will leave you numbed at the loss and destruction of a crew and leader and lover at the hands o the dark forest forces of time.

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