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von Trier should do more straight-up comedy. The Idiots was pretty funny, too.

The "Fuck it, I'll do it myself" line at the end of THE GREY was about my favourite moment in the last 12 months of cinema. I was blown away by it, especially because it had essentially just become "The Wolfpuncher" film among friends.

The picture at the top of this is confounding me. What's wrong with your face email this webzone if you want a etc.

Fuck yes, I have finally found someone who liked Ponyo better than Princess Mononoke.

A lot of what contributes to Arrietty's melancholic tone, I think, is Cecile Corbel's music, which gives the traditionally peppy Ghibli house designs a totally different feel. I've only read a few mainstream critics observe how Arrietty is kind of a downer of a film (though I don't say that in a bad way). Moreso than any of the previous Ghibli films that made it to North American theatres, including Mononoke.

Yet it looks like it's gonna be the most successful Ghibli film in the U.S.!

Ponyo is one of those movies where I totally understand how it's divisive, but deep inside... I really don't. I can't accept it! It's like the Discreet Charm of the Bourgeois for eight-year olds!!

Then again, I've always preferred weird, low-key Miyazaki to epic fantasy Miyazaki... Spirited Away combined both of those impulses pretty well, so it's no surprise to me that was the one that wound up grossing something completely fucking insane, like $275 million worldwide... kinda suspect a lot of Arrietty's U.S. success might boil down to Disney giving it a proper 1500+ screen wide release, although placing 10th this weekend too is pretty impressive...

And yeah, Corbel does a lot for the film's tone... I get the feeling Disney even sort of tried to get the obligatory NA-exclusive closing credits pop track by one of the voice actors to fit the same style...

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