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Thank you for this.

Fiffe Dog - another brilliant interview/ excavation. You know how to pick 'em.

I knew I should have done my Wasteland piece earlier this year! The pile of issues is just sitting here, calling out to me.

(Mine would have been less Ostrander interview, and more me describing the crazy plot twists and beautifully disconcerting art and then finding synonyms to say that over and over, sometimes with italics. So, TFO wins, as usual.)

(Don't worry, though. I have other ideas for future columns. I have one dedicated to a random bound collection of Metal Hurlant issues I found. No one would EVER write about that.)

Mr. Callahan, nobody's given "Loose Teeth" (or "Spank" or "Box," for that matter) any credit really, how about that?

Mr. Fiffe, nice one, bruvvah! Mr. Ostrander, nice one!

Don't let this stop you, Tim! Scan that stack of comics and use every word you know. (...and who wouldn't want to see dueling Metal Hurlant retrospectives anyway?)

Chris, Dan, & John: glad you guys liked it. Nice to see others share enthusiasm for that comic. For what it's worth, that series was apparently the closest thing we got to an autobiography from Close.

Love this. Thank you, Michel!

It took me like 2 weeks to completely read this interview. I wanted to make sure I had the time to give it the proper amount of attention.

Now that I have, I just think, DC actually published stuff like this? Without cowering under a desk and thinking "but what of the focus groups?" I would ask WHAT HAPPENED? but the answer to this and many other things would be the speculator bloo blee blah whatever, followed by economy and then a landslide of everything else (probably ending with zombies and reboots). Or I'm just pretending to know what I'm talking about. ;3c

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