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Whedon is great for smart comedies. Cabin in the Woods didn't seem so much a horror film as a spoof of horror films (but waaaaay better than the Scary Movie franchise.) It'd be interesting to see him write someone serious or seriously horribly terrifying; so far, I haven't witnessed it, and I'm not sure that's really his genre.

I've been out drinking all evening, and I come home to a slasher movie list on one of my favourite websites? Is it Christmas?

Cabin in the Woods – fuck me? Fuck Huuuuuuugh! Patton Oswalt totally nailed this movie when he said it was like an issue of Planetary.
Martin – just watched this a few months ago, and it blew my ass wide open.
I Spit on your Grave – a movie that people who are interested in this genre, and that's about it. I'm mostly proud of this movie because I bought my DVD copy in a bargain bin at a pawn shop for $1.99 alongside Basket Case and Gummo. Represent!
Alice Sweet Alice – so I'm not suppose to watch this movie....check!
Violence at High Noon – uh, your description makes this sound like a movie I need to see NOW.
The Hills Have Eyes – I'm a sucker for the desert (hello, The Hitcher!), and mutants, and 'early, first two movies of Wes Craven' Craven, so I've always liked this movie. I even liked the Aja remake, kind of.
Trick R Treat – I've heard fairly middling things about this ticket, but I'll take a stab (HA!) on this on your recommendation.
A Nightmare on Elm Street – my secret wish is to go to Japan and do a remake of this there. It'll all come together beautifully.
Alone in the Dark – this is why I love top lists too
Nightmare on Elm Street 2 – agreed! Though “Help yourself, fucker!” at the pool amuses me now as much as it did when I was 12.
Nightmare on Elm Street 3 – I didn't really care for this as much as others seem to, but the special effects in this are stunning.
Deranged – have owned this on the MGM dual pack with Motel Hell for half a decade now, still need to watch it
Re-Animator – I agree with your prognosis on both of these
Night of the Creeps – on the list!
Event Horizon – I love the shit out of this movie, even though the actual dialogue could have used a lot more polish to not be annoyingly genero.
Twisted Nerve – on the list!
Sisters – my brother!
Silent Rage – um, pass?
Just Before Dawn – Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer turned me onto this, and yeah, I love this movie to death. THE best 'dead kids in the woods' movie there is.
The Stepfather
Don't Go in the House – was really let down by this one after reading about it in Nightmare USA (it is even on the cover!)
Thriller: A Cruel Picture - a really awesome movie
Madman – I was wondering about getting the Code Red DVD release of it, but your comments about it have affirmed my belief of what I'd actually get.
Last House on the Left – I always just edit out the 'wacky sheriff and deputy' out of mind. Watch The Virgin Spring if you haven't. Top shit, that.

Throw in my love of Martyrs. Likely the best horror movie of the 2000s (not exactly a tall order, perhaps, but I'd also like to place this alongside Old Boy for creating that sensation of not knowing at all the first time watching where anything is going).

And just because: Ken Russell's The Devils? Seriously one of the best movies ever made.

PS. I am totally going to try and get Michael Rooker to sign my Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer DVD (Joe Coleman cover!) this weekend in Calgary.

You're completely wrong about ALICE, SWEET ALICE, incidentally. Fantastic film.

You know a hell of a lot more about horror/slasher flicks than I do. So I was glad to see you provide some support for my dislike of CitW. Seems like a bit of a lark by Whedon that had anticipation blown way out of proportion by the insane delay.

I spit on your grave is a great movie. Much better than Thriller or Last House on the Left, which are both also quite good.

And hey...why no entry for any of the Friday the 13th movies?

You inspired me to watch Argento's Demons 2. Great use of an umbrella. Nice film.

Martin is one of my favorite movies. I'm surprised at the glowing review for Event Horizon-I thought it had some good sets and the overall concept was compelling but the acting was stiff and it was never actually scary. I think it's an okay film and even kind of recommend it but it doesn't seem like the sort of movie designed to blow asses out of seats.

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Not Madman! Seriously love that bad, bad movie. It's charming, really. The structure is weird as hell - it FEELS like a campfire tale in a way that other slasher movies don't. Elliptical, maybe? It just doesn't have a sense of closure to it that most of the Friday the 13th style flicks have, where even if they go out on the to-be-continued shock, it feels complete. Its closest companion is probably Sleepaway Camp, but even the last scene there is solving the mystery of it. I don't know, all this could probably be explained by it just being a cheap, poorly-made movie, but it stumbles into some accidental greatness for me.

That's Madman. Stumbling towards everything.

Anyway, Night of the Creeps is amazing, amazing, amazing. Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is a lifelong favorite of mine - that New Warriors comparison is apt, because Nightmare 3 is the better than any X-Men film that could conceivably be made. It's a total teen superhero team flick, and Darabont and Craven should really do a Runaways movie or something.

I really need to see Martin and Alone in the Dark. I keep forgetting about both, but they're long overdue.

By the way, if anyone's in Southern NY this month, May 19 is the Hudson Horror Show in Poughkeepsie. Friday the 13th, Phantasm, Day of the Dead, Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, and Massacre Mafia Style. All on 35mm!

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