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Congrats on the new gig Tucker! I've been enjoying your column at TCG - the move definitely seems to have reinvigorated you.

Nice job getting a writing job with the mo-nay to continue being hilarious. I still often curse your name for being such a good writer. Seriously, yo mama.

Guess I better bookmark the new site then.

Not sure what took comics websites so long to realize that yours are about the only reliable reviews when it comes to most modern comics. I tried checking other review sites, and they all just give everything an 8, or 4 stars, or whatever, no matter how much of the same old shit it might be (can't trust any site that gives the new Tony Daniels Detective Comics a passing grade).

I think it's hilarious that there was a guy on one of the new TCJ CotWs that was complaining that your column is "giving too much attention to mainstream comics".

Keep it up, Tucker.


this is how happy this news makes me

also more music coverage! as weird as it sounds I credit the Factual Opinion with reigniting my love of hip hop after like a five year hiatus where I listened to truly terrible music

Will you still be updating Comics of the Weak here on occasion as well?

Congrats! Very excited to see what changes are coming for TFO, as well.

Will you be bringing back "Television of the Weak"? That one was great, I thought.

Red, it'll be exclusive to TCJ for the time being, although I do have plans for more comics content here. It is unlikely to be explicitly in that style though--more like some of the older graphic novel reviews, as well as more team-ups.

Jacob: Television coverage--there's been movement on that front recently! I gotta be honest though, I don't know how close to that we actually are. I'd love to get back to it myself, I'm just limited on time.

And to the rest of ya'll--seriously, it means a lot. Thank you.

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