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Tucker you perfectly crystallized why something like Crossed works for me and The Walking Dead doesn't (besides Ennis being a much superior writer).

Great episode can't wait for more.

Love your work, guys, (especially the Ennis stuff). Looking forward to more, and it is nice to hear a comics podcast where there is a lot of real dissenting opinion amongst the makers.

I gotta admit though, that's the first time I've heard someone called a coward for NOT writing one of the Before Watchmen books...

There is no greater sign of approval, seriously, than a guy who lives in what is arguably the most beautiful place in the world taking the time to listen to this entire podcast. Bob, you are a champion, and despite your actual nationality, a True American.

What is the song that leads it off? Friggin' sweet!

That's Albert Ayler's "Thank God For Women", from 1968.

Thank you! (And it should go without saying I dig the podcast so far!)

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