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The audio sounds great this time, but I think Joe is mixed a little too loud. I am in love with this podcast, guys.

Having bought Deathzone on the strength of the two Zegas issues because I had never read Suicide Squad, both the comic and your piece in the back Tucker makes me very interested in reading this. Inquiries seem to make it out that DC does not share that opinion.

How available is it in back issues or will torrents have to fill the gap?

Thanks, Rick! Those original comics are pretty cheap. Any bin in a con should have them, but here's the place I always cite:


As for Wolverine, he may have been Canadian in his debut, but Byrne really pushed the idea of his nationality back when Claremont was gonna get rid of him as a character altogether.

Also, Trimpe drew his debut, but Romita designed the costume. Same thing with Punisher.

You guys are great with your nice and perceptive words.

Yeah Rick, I'd just agree with Fiffe. Most of these issues are easy to come by with a little bit of digging. Make sure you find that Deadshot mini-series, it's awesome.

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