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It makes sense in retrospect that Vollmann wrote the introduction to Dirty Snow by Simenon. That's about as bleak a book as you'll ever find. I'd recommend it even though it made me feel sick.

Nice to know there's someone else who'd like to saw off Florida and kick it into South America.

Me and a couple guys from a halfway house cut lawns along a good stretch of the Florida panhandle. We all feel pretty good since it's a year-long gig.

Does that count as being "classed alongside the laborers"?

"bleak a book as you'll ever find", "made me feel sick": i'm in. watch this space.

And yeah, landscaping counts. Working at a bank counts.

Any book Vollmann does seems to carry some obsession with it in how he dedicates so much effort. Just look at "Imperial" with its 1000+ pages. He is thorough if anything.

Good to know. Me and the boys are gonna start telling the NA bitches we're bankers, then.

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