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Slow clap.

What an interview. The Conan pieces looked great.

You know the man is telling the truth, too. Only someone with nothing to lose would air grievances this wide with only Bill Jemas coming up roses.

"James has taken it upon himself to say quite a bit over the years."

Fucking priceless.

But how does he REALLY feel about editors?

wow. thanks for this. Shamed to admit I have never connected the original, beautiful, "off-model" artist of Dakota North with the other projects highlighted here. Love Salmons' balls-out approach to action comics and corporate bridge-burning aka integrity. Love his interview cadence/sentence on sentence paragraph layering reminds me of Toth/Ditko stream of consciousness letter writing. Wouldn't it be great to have a bound volume collecting all of Tony Salmons' comics art? Sadly, you could probably put the volume together for less than $20 out of quarter bins at any larger regional comic book convention.

gràcies per això. Avergonyit d'admetre que mai s'ha connectat l'original, bonic, "fora de la model d '" artista de Dakota del Nord amb els altres projectes destacats aquí. Boles-cap a fora l'amor de Salmons acostament als còmics d'acció i les empreses de gravació de la integritat del pont conegut. Estimo la seva entrevista cadència / frase en frase, el paràgraf capes em recorda a Toth / Ditko corrent de la consciència per escrit la carta.

Thanks for this interview. Met Tony while he was working with Adam on the Lovecraft book... helluva guy. It felt like falling into quicksand, talking with him about comics and art, I never wanted to leave! It was a long haul for them and I was dying to get my hands on the book... Glad to hear it came out. I'll be looking forward to new material from Mr. Salmons. It's good to hear stories of integrity against constant obstacles to his creative process.Hopefully the internet will rid us of these middle-men and allow creators to connect directly with their audiences.

This is real talk. Tony has his demons, but in any other industry a talent like his would be valued and shepherded. This is the REAL hiphop right here, the underground -- and what he says about comics/art as a vehicle for exploring/expressing 'the cauldron of your own soul', outside of commercial concerns, deserves further reflection.

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