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I haven't seen any of the these. But I liked reading it.

So...did you watch 100 hours of Slasher movies to write this article, or is how you would be spending your free time regardless?

So I have a general question.

I have seen The Shining, Alien and The Thing.

I want to watch more horror but I would be terrible at parsing the good from the bad, what would the best 5 or 10 be as a starting point?

Man, HELL HOUSE is awesome. But mostly because Linda Blair is awesome. I watched ROLLER BOOGIE because it has Linda Blair in it, which should give you an idea.

Rick, here's a quick list of horror films to watch that represent certain niches of the genre...

An American Werewolf in London - This is a great place to start for the horror comedy, and probably the one that's most accessible and least mired in too many genre in-jokes. Plus, a turning point for makeup effects in film.

A Bay of Blood (a.k.a. Blood Bath; Twitch of the Death Nerve) - The most clever of the giallo films, the basis for the slasher. Although Sean's making me appreciate the Argento ones more. I don't really like his work until Deep Red, but I'm gonna have to go back and watch his earliest stuff after reading this.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Strange and beautiful German silent horror.

Dead of Night - The horror anthology isn't as common in film as it is in literature and comics, but if you're going to try one out, this is the one.

Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein - The best of the Universal era of horror.

Halloween '78 - Not the first slasher, but probably the best.

Horror of Dracula - The first of the Cushing/Lee Hammer horror films, if I recall. Reactionary, repressed, but fun as hell.

House on Haunted Hill '58 - If you're in the mood for a classic haunted house film, this is a great place to look. Plus, you need some Vincent Price.

Jaws - You might not have counted this on your list, but in case you haven't seen it, see it. If you have, watch Them! or Gojira, the Japanese cut of the original Godzilla, for your giant monster movie.

Night of the Living Dead '68 - The first Romero zombie film. Kind of overshadowed by his Dawn of the Dead these days, but it's tighter and it's meaner.

Phantasm - Kind of stands on its own as a weird mashup of slasher tropes and strange imagery, with one of the all-time great horror villains. The best coming-of-age horror story since Curse of the Cat People.

Suspiria - Probably the most legendary of the Italian horror films. Surreal and gory in equal measures, which is the mode the big Italian directors seem to be best at.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre '73 - If you're going to watch one grindhouse-style horror flick, make it this one.

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