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Fun stuff, although I don't believe ANY OF YOU when it comes to the super-hero sentiments. Ok, I sorta believe Matt.

Tucker's fetish for Batman is among the realist things I know.

Which is precisely why he should've just said "BATMAN" without all the embarassed caveats! There's no shame in the nostalgia game, even if you don't dig them anymore.

I'm not embarrassed about why I like Batman. I'm embarrassed about why other people like Batman.

That loud shit at the beginning is shit.

You could've called this #1 -- sound quality was so much better. Nice work. Good food for that; enjoyed prof. Seneca's art composition stuff. Keep it rolling.

*thought. Dammit. Food for thought.

I enjoyed the rest of the podcast.

It's way easier to relate to a conversation about art comics when the comics are on the web.

Several years ago I talked with Joe about it at his site. Every comics site I went to was reviewing a copy of some issue of Cold Heat, one that went for $20 bucks and only had 100 issue print run.

I must of read 3-5 reviews of that thing, and it all seemed so pointless cause I would never see the the actual art itself.

It's a hell of lot less frustrating when you can go look at The Blond Woman while listening.

Although I appreciated the referral to Eat More Bikes more, personally.

Yeah, I'm glad it turned out that way, I really do think it was freeing to know that anyone listening in could access the comic immediately... and I'm still painfully aware that both Wax Cross and Hellberta are $20, shipped to the U.S.... but I think those parts of the conversation retained some value as a comment on wider topics (appropriation, opacity, etc.) even without direct access to the books themselves.

Cold Heat, in case anyone's interested, has since been released in its (unfinished) entirety online:


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