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Tucker, I'm not sure where else to ask this but have you ever gotten shit in real life for your blogging? Like has a customer at Bergen Street Comics ever been all "Fuck you for the mean things you say online, Tucker Stone!"

It's only happened at the store a few times, and alcohol was always involved. It happens at every convention I've ever attended. No big deal. People gotta do what they gotta do.

I imagine enraged drunken Nightwing fans can be pretty scary.

Not that it's a problem coming here every time there's a new CBABIH, but have you guys set it up on an RSS feed so I can it to download whenever there's a new one?

Alright, I'm gonna be "that guy" or whatever but it's the second week that I've heard Matt say it and now I can't stands it no more. Roerich was Russian. So his name isn't really pronounced like Ro-rich, it's pronounced more like Ro-rick.

It's weird, because I've never heard anyone actually pronounce his name as Ro-rich (has Matt only ever seen the name in written form?) and so I did a bit of a double-take when I heard Matt say it the first time. But yeah, Ro-rick.

Anyway, great podcast guys, my own choices for fine artists I'd've liked to have see comics from would be John Singer Sargent (king of composition-as-message) or Ferdinand Springer or Dolf Reiser, or really any of a number of mid-century European (usually Parisian) abstract etchers and print-makers.

Keep up the great work guys, it's much appropriated!

the chick at the museum said it the way you want me to say it, but even given the fact that he was russian, i'm still american, so what you hear is what it do

RSS feed is coming, it'll be when we move out of this 0. phase of episodes.

Pronounce it however man, s'fine. We know who you're talking about. And geez, only now do I see how many misspelled words are in that post of mine. I blame spell-check.

And of course I meant ya'll are much appreciated. I certainly hope the thing I wrote up there isn't happening.

All the best to ya.

Audio is definitely good now. :3

Gonna listen to this like a whole bunch.

I listened to the first half of this earlier. Is there a way I can pick it up from the middle?

Sorry for the late response David, i'm not sure if there is a way besides downloading the mp3 and then skipping ahead that way.

Brilliant, that's ideal. Thanks.

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