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Dave Taylor did a World's Finest series that Karl Kesel wrote, but I will always remember him as being this guy:


man, kevin nowlan sure hated the way Taylor drew Robin.

Is Chris Mautner joining the fray regularly, or will he sadly only be doing these two episodes?

I hope you guys will be getting an RSS feed for the show sometime in the near future, as I'm trying to listen this as soon as humanly possible.


I've got the 2008 French edition of Memories. I'm guessing the afterword is a translation from the original Japanese edition, since he still remembered the guy's name at the time. Rough translation:
"First story I did with Young Magazine. My Friend Takadera was a big help, he drew the rose on the double page spread. I wasn't happy with the title page, I've tried to fix it but failed. If I remember right I tried to flesh out the story too, but..."

Here's the french cover:

The cloud and the shrubs don't merge with rest of it but the sky and grass do.

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