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Best opening so far. Had to listen to it twice.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeere is the download link? :(

Sorry about that! It should be rock solid now.

Awesome, thanks. :3

I'm definitely a fan of the podcast, even when you guys occasionally talk about comics I've never heard of (usually dem French ones or sumpfin).

I'm with Tucker on the Parker novels, though I think I haven't read all of them yet. I've still read like... 15? 16? I even own the new ones, where Parker rolls out of an Acura or whatever, guns-a-blazing. (Going by this page, I've read 1-14, 16, and I'm working on 24, to be exact.) I really really dig these books, they strike some nerve that I can't quite articulate as well as I'd like. I just finished The Damsel, a solo Grofield novel, and it was a treat, too. Grofield is awesome.

I got curious, so I poked around the big comics sites. It seems like no one has reviewed the new Parker but... me? I did it for ComicsAlliance after reading the book a week or so late, but CBR, Newsarama, The Beat, Spurgeon, and TCJ haven't done anything!

That's fascinating, and I feel like the complete opposite of what went down last year.

Oh dang, it's been so long since I left a comment that the links didn't post? Here's the list I was using, which is great: http://www.miskatonic.org/parker-first-lines.html and my review: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/07/25/darwyn-cookes-parker-the-score-gives-us-a-tantalizing-glimps/

This episode has not appeared in the RSS feed, so far as I can tell.

Apologies Mithel, it's fixed now.

Great episode.

Thanks go out to everyone who clicked through from Wait, What? and gave us a shot - we hope you enjoyed the show, and the many spicy Graeme McMillian revelations therein.

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