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That is kinda spooky, I just bought 8 volumes of Phoenix today. Can't wait to listen.

I like the goofy boing sound at 2:40. Kind of appropriate for talking about a phoenix.

Just for context: Beaulieu's story had to do with the ongoing student protests in Quebec, so it wasn't just "some rally".

Good show. Rally enjoyed listening.

Um, Rea Irvin was a dude.Other than that, I did like the discussion of the Smithsonian book quite a bit and especially the screed against Mort Walker.

Fear not, old school anime fans are listening to your podcast. We are also watching you.................and judging you..........

YES, I *knew* devoting the next two shows to solo monologues on The Professional: Golgo 13 was a great idea!

God, that screed of Tucker's was fucking hilarious. The idea that the great crime of Mort Walker was to tarnish the righteous reputation of the American military is a bit like saying that Andy Capp is offensive because of its insufficiently reverent depiction of drunks.

Have I missed something? Are we saying that there's a comedy free exclusion zone surrounding the military? The man has every right to satirise what he saw for himself during his real life experience in that same military. If you choose to believe that WW2 was more like a HBO tv show than his strip, you have the right, but you, kid, have no right to put him in the same shoes as some child murderer. It's Mort Walker for fuck sake. A bastard? Wow.


Wow indeed.

Love the show overall by the way. Really intelligent, which is a rarity in comics podcasts. Heard about you through the Wait, What? cast, also really good.

I got a little bit wound up by the final moments of this weeks episode. If you wanted to raise responses, you did a great job :) Looking forward to the next one.

Tucker is just VERY VERY UPSET that Mort Walker implied that sergeants in the military are sometimes fat.

(Thank god he hasn't read the strips where Beetle and Killer beat Zero to death in a hazing ritual - to say nothing of that one where Sarge has the platoon gun down an Afghan village after raping a thirteen-year-old.)

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