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All right! I'm a big fan of Joe Daly and his Dungeon Quest series, and I'm glad it is getting the appreciation it deserves!

ERRORS, APOLOGIES, BITTER TEARS, ETC: Ok, so, basically everything I said about Miracleman is totally fucking wrong. *Totally* wrong, right down to confusing Garry Leach with Alan Davis, the latter of whom was Miracleman's second penciller, though Leach still did some inking. In consulting Kimota! again, it's clear that Leach did not apparently have any issue with Alan Moore at the time, and stopped pencilling the series solely because the effort he was putting into his pages -- as complimented by Tucker -- was not commiserate with the money he was receiving from Warrior, the original serializing body.

Moreover, Alan Davis' eventual falling out with Moore is very different than what I've described, though accounts vary in Kimota! itself. Moore suggests that Davis eventually felt he'd been financially screwed over by the American reprints ("...and I believe he very well may have been") and felt that he (Moore) had been involved. Davis did allege he was never paid for the Eclipse reprints, though his troubles with Moore were due to Moore blocking Marvel's reprinting of Captain Britain in the U.S. ("...as far as I can see, from a fit of anger"), thus effectively cutting off his access to better-paying work. Moore claims (in Kimota!) that his issue with Marvel was over their legal aggression toward the usage of the "Marvelman" title, as well as the firing of an editor he'd been working with on The Daredevils. Elsewhere in the book, Eclipse's Cat Yronwode identifies Moore's problem with Marvel as more of a general political opposition to the concept of work-for-hire, while Dez Skinn, Warrior's editor and publisher, attributes Moore's falling out with Davis to both "something petty" re: the Captain Britain reprints as well as Moore's holding up the Miracleman U.S. debut by refusing to sanction the series' name change.

This is the problem with a podcast; you go off the cuff, you get a ton of shit wrong, and you can't edit anything very smoothly. How is anyone listening on iTunes going to see this correction? FUCK. Anyway, sorry for this, please consult TwoMorrows' Kimota! The Miracleman Companion for further information, and I'll try and refrain from going off on seemingly factual tangents about which I haven't done adequate catching-up.

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