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What happens in Universal Soldier Regeneration?

Is there kicking?

I'd like to say thank you, CBABIH. Your discussion of Judge Dredd and the Apocolypse War helped me sell a book at my job. My boss will neither notice or care, but it was something of a personal victory.

Universal Soldier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qBH_SbLwxU I don't agree with this clips title--there's at the least, two other scenes that are better, and this does a terrible job of representing the sound of the sequence. Camera work is still pretty fascinating, although you lose Van Damme's glacial visage.

JackKirbyCrazyEyes: god bless you.

Looks a lot like Call of Duty (Modern Warfares anyway) especially when he goes all knife for bonus XP challenge.

The top related video there is Universal Soldier Regeneration... the entire movie. Might as well watch it.

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